Prison Break – and other stuff

Yesterday was the 2nd last episode of Prison Break Season 2, and it was a crazy episode full of twists!!!! It’s gonna return again in January (WTF, Why So Late!!!) Anyway, unfortunately for us Brits, Season 2 isn’t gonna be on our screens for a long time 😦 but, using the ultimate h4x0r method ( 😛 ), I managed to see all the eps in this season so far. If you don’t wanna know what happened in episode 13, skip this part of my post 😀

To keep it short, Michael and Burrows get caught by Mahone, who doesn’t have the chance to kill them because border patrol turns up. They get sent to a hold place so they can be transferred to Fox River, but now Mahone is screwed because he didn’t do his “job” properly for the Company, i.e. kill the two brothers. The Chinese dude, who is Kellerman’s and Mahone’s boss is now meeting with his boss, a weird man who writes notes instead of talking, he orders Kellerman to be killed. While they are being transported, Kellerman, who is now a marked man, has the bright idea of screwing with the Company, helping Michael and Lincoln escape, and shooting, maybe killing Mahone in the process.

Next episode Preview

In other news about my life, Uni is getting very hard. I flopped one test, did ok in another, and aced it in another one. 😐 Until the 16th of December, I have to work extra-hard, but after that date, I can relax for a bit, since after that date, I have no more coursework and no more exams until next year.

I’m also trying to decide whether I should sell my current laptop, an Amilo A1667G, and buy another one which is more portable and has better battery life. I have my eye on the Dell Inspirion 6400 (Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 120GB SATA HD, £790) , but I’m not sure whether I’m ready to sell this one yet. I wanna be able to play games, but if I get the Dell, which has either a X1300 or X1400, I won’t be able to. This laptop is able to handle Far Cry, Splinter Cell 3, GTA:SA and NFS:MW and NFS:C with either the highest or very good graphics. To be honest, I rarely find the time to play games now, but I probably will start playing after I finish all my work at Uni.

I could carry one using this for a while longer. If I sell it, I would probably make a loss, and I recently upgraded the RAM and HD, which has added to the cost of this laptop. Currently there are no Amilo A1667G laptops on Ebay, so I’m not too sure if I could get this to sell 😦


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