Life at the moment

Don’t know what to write about really. The HD is still dead, seems like the logic board got fried somehow, probably by static. Uni is getting quite difficult, got an exam on Monday, and also pieces of Coursework to hand in on Monday and Thursday. Gotta get started on my Java mini-project as well. So yeah, its a bit hectic at the moment.

I’m also looking to buy an external HD, I don’t wanna suffer again with a massive HD failure 😦 . Probably gonna get a 200-400GB 7200 RPM drive, and something that’ll last a long time. The new laptop hard drive is really fast, its a 5400RPM Seagate drive. Now my apps load up faster, and the laptop is just faster in general. 😀 So far 27GB is used up, but I’m not gonna bother deleting files until I’m really starting to lose capacity.

I also got hold of the Need For Speed Carbon demo. Once I get round to playing that, which wont be until next week, I’ll post some pictures and post whether it fails to impress 😛 .

Pictures of the laptop when it was opened and cleaned have been posted.

I still haven’t got round to posting any pictures in the gallery, so sometime over the weekend, I’ll post pictures of my laptop I took when I was cleaning out the dust and adding some Thermal Paste to replace the crappy stuff Fujitsu Siemens put on 😀 .


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