Laptop HD died

So today i got my new 100gb Seagate HD. I took out my old one, took them both to my desktop pc, hooked them up with some 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapters, and turned on the pc to clone it. So nothing happens, except for the new HD being detected. I check the adapters and see one of the pins are bent. So I fix it, stick ’em back in, and still no luck. I out the old HD in the laptop again, and this time I get error message, but no HD is detected. So now I’m a bit worried, I check the connection, still no luck. No spinning, no creaking, no nothing.

I take my new HD, and it works perfect, so the connectors ain’t the problem. So I have to reinstall Windows on the new HD, transfer all my docs (still doing it now), and customize my Windows back to the way it was before 😦 ATM, I’m freezing the old HD, apparently this works in some cases. Tomorrow I’m gonna buy an external enclosure for the HD, and see if it has any life 😦 It’s a sad ending to a happy story 😦


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