The Danish Cartoons: Part II

Again the cartoon controversy has started. This time, it wasn’t by a national newspaper, but by an anti-immigration party. I was pleased that this time the Danish PM condemned them instead of claiming it came under freedom of speech, a lame argument that has nothing to it. A lot of people feel that insulting others comes under freedom of speech, I wander if they’d feel the same if I took pictures of their dead parents or family members, and started mocking them.

It also seems that freedom of speech applies, but only when the West says so. If I was to say that I support Hizbullah and Hamas’ resistance to Israel, I would be turned into public enemy #1, and then put on the terrorist watch list, simply because the West considers them to be terrorists.

If I was to make fun out of the holocaust, something I have not done, and don’t intend to do, or criticized Israel, I would be attacked from all sides, and called an anti-semite. It seems in these cases, freedom of speech does not apply.

People don’t seem the understand that there is a boundary, after which freedom of speech becomes pure hatred, and an effort to raise tensions. It amazes me that people cannot express this right without insulting a billion+ people. If this continues, where people insult each other freely, you have to ask, what kind of society and “civilized” people are we, where we cannot express ourselves without insulting others??


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